Models Speak Out About Abuse in Fashion Industry

October 29, 2017Oct 29, 2017

Inspired by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, twenty-one-year-old model Kristine Froseth opened up to BBC’s Newsbeat about the sexual harassment she’s experienced in the fashion industry. She told them that she's been asked to do “inappropriate things” to get a job.

The Norwegian model also felt inspired by American model Cameron Russell’s campaign against sexual abuse and harassment in the fashion industry.

Russell started the campaign by posting model’s anonymous stories to her Instagram using the hashtag #MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse. However, instead of keeping her story anonymous, Froseth spoke to BBC.

"When I was 15 and I was getting all these inappropriate texts and calls, I just went along with it because everyone else was,” Froseth told Newsbeat.

"You can be in situations where you are told to undress—it's hard to be on a set and not feel the pressure," she added.

Froseth said she’s been reading the stories that Cameron Russell has been posting on Instagram. Both women were spurred forward by the Harvey Weinstein allegations. They wanted to address what it’s like for some in the modeling industry.

"Hearing about #harveyweinstein this week has sparked conversations about how widespread and how familiar his behaviour is," wrote Russell on her Instagram page.

The stories, which will not be reprinted here because some contain graphic depictions of sexual assault, come from both male and female models as young as 14.

“They include stories of models being pressured into taking nude photographs, being coerced into drinking underage, unwanted massages and kisses, inappropriate and sexual assaults including rape,” explains Newsbeat.

While Froseth says she found the stories horrifying and sad to read, she admits she’s not surprised.

"They're all horrific. It's crazy—I think we've all just accepted it and tolerated this behaviour."

Froseth wants that to change. She thinks that modeling agencies should be doing a better job of protecting their models.

”Agencies should teach their models, boys and girls, how to take action because it's happening and we can't ignore it any more."

What do you think all these stories of abuse say about the entertainment industry? Do you think things will change? Let us know in the comments.

In other news, a 14-year-old model tragically collapsed and died earlier this week while working. 

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