Model Dies Under Tragic Circumstances, Leaves Behind 4 Young Children

February 05, 2019Feb 05, 2019

News broke yesterday that Irish model Alli MacDonnell had sadly passed away. She died suddenly at her home in Dublin.

"Alli lived for her four kids, she was a brilliant mum, her kids were her world," recalled John Compton, a close friend of the 37-year-old model and her former agent.

Compton, who last spoke to the model on Sunday, spoke highly of MacDonnell and her work as an activist. He recalled that she was "very involved with autism because both of her two youngest children were on the spectrum and she was very passionate about that subject and to help where she could".

MacDonnell worked as an ambassador for the Irish Autism Action charity. Before her untimely passing, she was in talks about working on a TV project on the topic.

"There was loads going on for her in a positive way. There were a couple of shows in talks with her, one of them was about autism. This is all so sad. Alli had her whole life in front of her, I just can't believe it, she was my best friend," said Mr Compton.

Alli was a regular face on Virgin Media One TV show Ireland AM, where she modeled in fashion slots. The 36-year-old single mother had four children: Sienna, 2, Harry, 9, and two teenage children, Alex and Sara.

Valerie Roe, who runs a PR and events agency, recalled working with Alli. "She was a single mum, life was hard but she lived for her kids, that was my abiding memory," she said.

Days before she passed away, MacDonnell took to social media to reveal bullying. She complained of upsetting messages that she'd received.

"Why is it ok for a man to call a girl a fat ugly ****??????," she wrote. "Seriously new level of pushing someone to the edge."

She was later found dead. Police say they are not looking for anyone else in relation to her death.

Friends and fans took to Twitter after news of her passing to mourn her. They remembered her spirit and her contributions.

Please keep Alli's children in your prayers. This is an awful loss for these young children, and they will need all the support that they can receive. 

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