Model, 28, Dies From Brain Hemorrhage While Singing Karaoke

December 28, 2017Dec 28, 2017

It has been reported that a young, part-time model in Singapore died on December 12 after she suffered a brain hemorrhage, according to Fox News. The tragic death apparently occurred while she was with friends and singing karaoke. 

Karren Stella Wong, 28, was singing alongside her friends, and everything seemed to be going well. Apparently, while she was singing her head began to ache and then one side of her body went numb. She was quickly rushed to the hospital, but everybody was too late. She quickly slipped into a coma. 

For three days, her friends and family were worried. They hoped she would recover, but unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. After being in the hospital for three days, Wong slipped into a coma and died, according to the Strait Times.

Local media wrote that Wong suffered from bleeding in her brain which caused her to suffer a severe stroke. Everybody was extremely surprised at this death, especially since the part-time model had absolutely no medical history related to her condition. 

According to her father, nobody in the family has any history of acute intercerebral hemorrhage. Once in a great while, he said, she would get a headache. But that wasn't out of the ordinary since the majority of people get occasional headaches. 

“No one in our family has any history of acute intracerebral hemorrhage,” Laurence Wong said. “Once in a while, she would get a headache like normal people do.”

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