Infamous Mob Boss Gunned Down, Run Over in Front of New York Home

March 14, 2019Mar 14, 2019

A famous mob boss has just been gunned down in New York. According to reports, Francesco Cali was shot multiple times in front of his Staten Island home.

"New York police are hunting the hitman who pumped at least six bullets into Francesco 'Franky Boy' Cali before making sure the 53-year-old Gambino mob boss was dead by running over him with a blue pickup truck as the assassin fled, officials and witnesses said," reported Fox.

At this time, no description of the shooter has been given by anyone who may have witnessed the actual shooting. Officials are working to investigate if this truly was a major attack on the mob family or if it was an intra-mafia dispute.

"Cali became the notorious crime family’s acting boss in 2015, replacing then 68-year-old Domenico Cefalu, according to the New York Daily News. Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn had referred to Cali in court filings in recent years as the underboss of the Gambino organization, related through marriage to the Inzerillo clan in the Sicilian Mafia," reported Fox.

Cali was very unique in the way he handled his family business. He kept a low profile and was definitely not as flashy as some of his predecessors, including John Gotti. Many considered him a unifying member of the mafia and credited him with being one of the most powerful leaders of all criminal organizations in America.

"Cali, who had roots in Sicily and ties to the Sicilian Mafia, was the highest-ranking organized crime figure to be murdered in New York City since 1985 when Paul Castellano was assassinated outside Sparks Steakhouse in Manhattan," according to WPIX-TV.

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