Mizzou Pays the Price for Being PC; Look at What Happened to Their Campus

June 27, 2017Jun 27, 2017

In late 2015, massive student protests and boycotts rocked the campus of the University of Missouri over allegations that the school’s administration and student body were deeply racist. The protests caught international attention, inspiring students at other universities to make demands of their administration as well.

Mizzou protesters made an extensive list of demands, according to Fox News, insisting on a massive hiring spree of non-white faculty members, as well as special treatment for non-white students. Included on their list was a requirement that the president of the University of Missouri system, Tom Wolfe, resign.

Eventually, he did, but his decision did not go over well with many people, especially donors, alumni, and prospective students. In the time since Nov. 2015, the effects of the protests and Wolfe’s resignation have been devastating.

According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, Mizzou expects only 4,000 freshmen to enroll this August as compared to the 6,419 that enrolled for the fall 2015 semester. Heatstreet reported last year that donations to help support the athletic department dropped 72% a month after the protests.

Now seven university dorm buildings are empty. The university is trying to recoup lost revenue by renting out empty dorm rooms as hotel suites for football game visitors.

Former donors and prospective students have sent numerous emails and letters to Mizzou criticizing the university for capitulating to protesters’ demands and vowing to no longer support the school in any way.

Then-president candidate Dr. Ben Carson summed up their indignation during the Nov. 2015 protests, according to CBS News, saying, "There's a level of intolerance for things that are so called 'not politically correct' that is growing and really threatening our freedoms. What we really need to do is sit down, put on table the rationale for our beliefs and discuss them. That is not being fostered at our universities to the detriment of our society."

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