Mitt Romney Creates Rumors After His Most Recent Social Media Activity

January 02, 2018Jan 02, 2018

Mitt Romney has become a household name over the last decade. After serving as the governor of Massachusetts, Romney went on to run for the United States presidency. Although he lost to Barack Obama, Romney has still managed to stay in the national spotlight.

"Romney was the governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007. He ran two unsuccessful campaigns for president in 2008 and 2012. Afterwards, he moved to a house in Holladay, Utah," according to the Washington Examiner.

On Tuesday, Senator Orrin Hatch announced he would be retiring from the Senate at the end of the year. Hatch is from Utah and has become a major leader in the state. Since the announcement, many have speculated that Romney may be open to running for Hatch's seat.

Romney is LDS and has deep ties to the heavily Mormon state. He is also viewed extremely favorably in Utah and the surrounding area. Since Hatch's announcement, it appears Romney may have just dropped a major clue about his political intentions.

Romney's Twitter account was updated just hours after Hatch's bombshell. It now reflects that Romney is from Holladay, Utah. Many folks thought this to be a direct political move to start his campaign in Utah.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts. In other recent news, President Trump has just made a major announcement regarding the state of California. 

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