Missy Robertson Takes to Facebook to Share What This Family Just Said to Her at a Restaurant

July 20, 2017Jul 20, 2017

Jase and Missy Robertson, stars of the hit TV show “Duck Dynasty”, recently took to their social media accounts to share an inspiring story. The two have been open about an ongoing health struggle with their youngest daughter, Mia. The young girl was born with a cleft lip and a possible cleft palate. Over the past 13 years, Mia has undergone several corrective surgeries. Throughout it all, Missy and Jase have held on to their faith and hope. 

Missy realized early on that her daughter’s health was part of a bigger story that God was writing. She said, “But going along this journey, I realized He never left us, not one time. This is all part of a bigger plan and Mia is a huge part of His plan, and that’s what we have to fulfill."

After an episode of “Duck Dynasty” featured Mia and her health struggles, Missy felt compelled to write a book about it all, titled Blessed, Blessed…Blessed. Missy said that she wrote the book in order to bring hope to others in similar situations.

She said, “This is a book that we can encourage other people and tell them ‘you can do this’. It does not have to be devastating and overwhelming for you. It may feel that way, but hopefully with our example and Mia’s inspiration, we can give people that hope.”

The family has always held on to that hope, and recently experienced a strong dose of encouragement from a family they didn’t know. Missy and Mia were taking a road trip to Dallas, Texas for a doctor check-up. On the trip, they stopped at a restaurant for dinner. Missy wrote about the experience in a Facebook post.

She wrote, “I drove to Dallas tonight with Mia for a doctor’s appointment and stopped at our favorite Tex Mex spot Chuy’s Restaurant. As we ordered, a couple stopped at our table and thanked us for our stand for God on TV. They wished blessings on Mia’s doctor appt and us a good evening.”

She then went on to say, “Later, when I asked for the check, I found our meal was paid for by the sweet family sitting behind us! They said they appreciate what we stand for.”

Not only was this a kind act, Missy said that it was exactly what she needed in that moment. In her post, she then charged others to act with that same kindness and generosity and to stand up for what you believe in. 

She said, “What a better world this would be if we commended each other more for being vocal about our Savior. Life isn’t always easy, but Jesus is Lord! A big thanks to that sweet family! You know who you are. By the way, there are more of us out there than the media wants us to believe! Let’s stand together for Christ!”

As for the doctor appointment, Missy posted later that it went great and thanked everyone for their prayers. 

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