Missouri Rep.'s New Bill Suggests Guns Are As Likely To Take Lives As Abortions

December 21, 2015Dec 21, 2015

Here's an interesting one. According to NewsBusters, Missouri Rep. Stacey Newman sent out a tweet saying "It Should Be Just As Difficult to Buy a Gun as it Is to Get an Abortion."


She then referenced her new firearms bill that seeks to impose very similar requirements for buying a gun as getting an abortion. A summary of the bill reads:

This bill requires a firearm purchaser to undergo a background check, sign consent forms, receive parental consent, and be provided with specified information mandated by the state including physician information on the risks of firearm misuse and videos and pictures depicting firearm injuries and victims prior to the purchase.

After a firearm purchase he or she must meet with specified individuals who have been a victim or associated with a victim of violence.

The firearm dealer shall provide the purchaser with specified information including alternatives to purchasing a firearm which includes materials regarding peaceful and nonviolent conflict resolution.

By insisting on the same requirements, Newman's bill seems to suggest that guns are likely to take lives as abortions and thus must be just as hard to obtain. Even though gun violence is high in Missouri, NewsBusters points out that in 2013 — and especially high year for gun deaths — the state saw 880 people die deliberately or unintentionally from firearms (more often by suicide than murder), but in 2011 5,820 unborn babies lost their lives to abortion.

While the number of violent gun deaths of children and adults in Missouri is deeply saddening, it does not come close to the number of innocent unborn whose lives are terminated.