Missing Boy Who Fell into Sewage Pipe Rescued After Exhaustive Search

April 02, 2018Apr 02, 2018

After more than 12 hours stuck in a sewage pipe, a 13-year-old boy was rescued Monday after rescue personnel scoured the L.A. area with floating cameras to find him.

“It’s with happy hearts that all Los Angeles city agencies are able to state that we have found Jesse Hernandez,” said fire Captain Erik Scott near where the boy originally fell, according to ABC7.com

Jesse was reported missing to authorities around 4:30 p.m. on Easter Sunday when a board gave out and he fell 25 feet into a sewer pipe. The children with whom he was playing immediately notified adults nearby, who then called 911.

L.A. Sanitation officials discovered him “where the 134-westbound freeway goes underneath the 5 Freeway” by opening a maintenance hatch and deploying a camera, Scott said. He was found less than a mile from where he fell.

Jesse spent almost 13 hours in toxic sewage with a current travelling 15 m.p.h. according to the website Dennis Michael Lynch. He was found when the cameras used by the search party found his handprints on a pipe, leading them to him.


“The first thing they heard was ‘Help!’” said Adel Hagekhalil, assistant manager of the sanitation department.

The crew lowered a hose to Jesse, who had managed to find a pocket of air, about 11 feet deep in the pipe.

“He caught onto the hose and was reeled back up,” Hagekhalil said.

Immediately his rescuers hosed the sewage off of him and cleaned his eyes and nose with a sterile saline. He was given a cell phone to call his family, and then he was taken to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. The boy was eventually reunited with his family.

“We witnessed an incredible team effort by many public safety agencies,” said the Los Angeles Police Department following the rescue.

Praise God for this miraculous recovery, and that Jesse is okay. Be sure to read about the response Fox News gave to whether they would fire one of their hosts who slammed David Hogg.

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