Missing 2-Yr-Old Noah Tomlin Tragically Found Dead Days After Disappearance

July 03, 2019Jul 03, 2019

The search for toddler Noah Tomlin has come to a sad end. Hampton Police announced that they had found the 2-year-old's body.

According to reports, Noah Tomlin was put to bed around 1 a.m. on Monday, June 22, and when his mother went check on him around 11 a.m. she didn't find him.

"During a Wednesday afternoon news conference, Hampton police chief Terry Sult announced that the boy was found at a steam plant," reported local police.

This comes after the toddler's mother, Julia Tomlin, was arrested and charged with three counts of felony child neglect.

The Hampton Police Department is urging anyone with any information on this case to contact that police at (757) 727-6111.

This is a sad loss. Please pray that there is justice for this sweet baby.