Miranda Lambert Allegedly Driving Husband Away, Making Him Regret Leaving NYC, Insider Gossip Says

It is Miranda LambertShe is in danger of losing her husband Brendan McLoughlin? According to one tabloid, the couple is in serious trouble. Here’s the latest on Lambert and McLoughlin’s marriage.

Brendan McLoughlin ‘Misses The Cop’s Life’?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer According to reports, Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin have ended their honeymoon. The couple have been together since they tied the knot in 2019. But, it seems like things are about to change. McLoughlin left the NYPD after marrying Lambert. But, the tabloid claims McLoughlin is keen to return to work. And sources say it’s because he is tired of being Lambert’s househusband.

“She’s gotten used to having him around 24/7 at her beck and call. He’s feeling crowded, not to mention embarrassed by those shirtless pictures,” an insider dishes. “Mutual friends think she should be warned to give Brendan some room and not treat him like a Vegas show guy. It’s kind of degrading — no wonder he’s missing the force and the male camaraderie and talking about returning to policing, even if it’s in Nashville.”

The tipster adds, “Miranda wouldn’t like that one bit, because she’s used to calling the shots, and this is an issue that’s bound to get worse unless she starts treating him with more respect!” But finally, the source insists the two are still crazy about each other, it’s just that they need to take more time for themselves. “The feeling if they’d both benefit from some independence at this stage of their journey,” the source concludes.

Brendan McLoughlin Tired Of Being Miranda Lambert’s ‘Boytoy’?

This story is offensively baseless. First of all, we’re sure no one close to the couple is airing their dirty laundry to any tabloids. We seriously doubt this “insider,” if they even exist, has any insight into Lambert and McLoughlin’s marriage. Besides, all evidence suggests Lambert and McLoughlin are supportive of each other’s careers. We don’t believe Lambert would have any problem with McLoughlin returning to the police force if he really wanted to.

There’s nothing wrong with a husband making less money than his wife. While it’s obvious the tabloid has some outdated and controversial views on marriage, that doesn’t mean Lambert and McLoughlin do. From the looks of McLoughlin and Lambert’s Instagram pages, they look happier than ever.

Until there’s any genuine evidence to the contrary, it’s safe to say Lambert and McLoughlin are doing just fine.

Miranda Lambert: The Tabloid

This is far from the first time we’ve caught the National Enquirer Spreading lies about Miranda Lambert. The tabloid claimed that Lambert was trying to get McLoughlin to act earlier this year. Then the outlet alleged Lambert was trying to ruin her ex-husband Blake Shelton’s wedding. The publication also reported that Lambert was vengeful against Shelton. The Evidently, the Enquire isn’t reliable when it comes to the country star.

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