MIRACULOUS! Reporter Describes Survival Rate In THIS Hard-hit Apartment Building

February 24, 2016Feb 24, 2016

Throughout the Gulf States, residents hunkered down as they were pummeled by as many as 27 tornadoes. According to The Weather Channel, governors in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama have declared states of emergency.

In Louisiana, a trailer park home to about 300 people was leveled, killing at least two and injuring many more.

St. James Parish Sheriff Willy Martin described the scene, saying, "We never had anything like this; we never had this many people injured in one event, and so much destruction in one event. We won't stop searching until we're satisfied we've searched every pile."

The severe storms hit Texas as well, and in Florida an apartment complex appeared to have most of its roof and exterior walls peeled away. Amazingly, the injuries and loss of life were not what you'd expect.

In an ABC Good Morning America report, reporter Linzie Janis exclaimed, "Miraculously, no one died and no one was even seriously injured here!"

More tornado warnings have been issued today as storms move up the East Coast.

Watch the brief video report of the widespread destruction here: