Miracles Happen! 'Angels' Help 8-Year-Old Boy Save His Fathers Life!

March 09, 2017Mar 09, 2017

It's true, miracles still happen every single day. God is intervening in ways we may not always recognize, however, in the case of 8-year-old J.T. he didn't have to look hard for God's hand in a situation.  

 J.T, his brother, and his father, Stephen, were working on a Toyota Prius when the car fell off the jack and came crashing down on Stephen. J.T's older brother had already gone inside when this happened so it was up to the 8-year-old to come to the rescue. 

Stephen said the last thing he remembered before passing out was yelling for his son to "jack it up, jack it up!"  He said he knew there was no way his boy could do it on his own.

After trying for a few moments, J.T. somehow managed to lift the car before running in and telling his family he needed help.

Later, from the hospital, his family knew it was nothing short of a miracle and felt an obligation to spread the good news that "angels" helped J.T. lift the car.

The family believes their grandfather and sister, who had previously passed away, were the angels who lent a helping hand.

When the family returned home after the hospital, J.T. once again tried to lift the car, this time simply to see if he was able to. J.T. couldn't move it at all.


This amazing story is nothing short of a miracle!

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