Wife, Mother Makes Miraculous Recovery After Being Internally Decapitated

November 26, 2018Nov 26, 2018

A miraculous ending is coming to what could have been an extremely tragic story. A mother of two is said to be making a "miracle" recovery after she was internally decapitated.

Lila DeLine was inside her vehicle, right outside her own home, when she was involved in a serious car accident. He husband was reportedly in the driveway at the time and witnessed the entire crash.

"DeLine’s mangled car landed in a nearby ditch and her husband, Ben, raced over to the scene, quickly securing his wife’s head as the other driver in the two-car wreck held a phone to the frantic husband’s ear so he could speak to police dispatchers," reported Fox News.

Doctors have now credited her husband's quick thinking for saving his wife's life. His wife suffered such a traumatic impact during the wreck that it left her internally decapitated. The extreme condition results from extreme trauma to ligaments, muscles, and joints connecting the skull to the spine, leading to the dislocation of the head from the spinal cord.

When Lila first arrived at the hospital she reportedly couldn't move any part of her body. The high-speed motor accident had left her unable to function in the slightest and her outlook appeared grim.

It is most often a fatal condition. There are also severe side effects and lifelong impairments for those who survive the conditions. However, Lila is said to be making a full recovery that doctors are simply crediting to a miracle.

"DeLine miraculously recovered at the hospital and a rehab facility in the ensuing months. She credits her two daughters and the ongoing encouragement and support from doctors and nurses as the key to her improbable comeback," reported Fox.

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