Beloved Disney Animator Behind Dumbo and Fantasia Dies at 105, 'A Living Legend'

July 03, 2019Jul 03, 2019

Some sad news was just confirmed out of Disney. Milton Quon, a pioneering Chinese-American who made a huge splash in the world of animation, has passed away. 

According to the Daily Mail, Quon was at the stunning age of 105 at the time of his death. People around the world are remembering his many great accomplishments throughout his career. 

Milton Quon worked for Disney as an animator during its "Golden Age of Animation." At the time, he was only the third Chinese-American to ever be hired there. He joined the organization in 1939. 

During his time at Disney, Quon made a huge impact. His first work for the studio was the film "Fantasia." A year later, he worked as first assistant animator for "Dumbo." 

Later, the artist gained a new role at the studio, leading the publicity department. In 1951, Quon decided to take on a new challenge. He became the art director for another advertising firm, BBD&O. He was the first Chinese-American to become the art director of a major American advertising firm. 

Not only was Quon an amazing artist, he also dabbled in acting! He played minor roles in several films in his later life. One of his most notable roles as an extra was when he played a passenger on the hijacked bus in "Speed."

Several people have taken to social media to remember Quon:

Please be praying for Quon's family during this time. Even though he lived a long and successful life, losing a loved one is always difficult! In other recent news, Trader Joe's just recalled green giant fresh veggies for Listeria concerns. Throw them out if you have them!

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