Miles Teller’s Trainer Shares ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Fitness Details

Goose, you look good! Miles Teller’sPersonal trainer Jason WalshIt is revealing just exactly how high the sky is Tom Cruise’sExpectations were high for the cast of Top Gun: Maverick.

“I knew Tom was gonna put these guys through it and he definitely did,” the Rise Nation founder exclusively told Us Weekly on Thursday, June 16. “You can see it on their face. When they’re doing this, they’re not faking it. This is real.”

To get Teller, 35, in the best possible shape for his role as Rooster, Walsh had to figure out the best way to help the actor face the challenges ahead. The actor also attended flight school. Footloose star also had to make sure he was “prepared for flight training” — something Walsh had never done with a client before.

“Tom is a huge advocate of making sure that these guys are really put through the rigors and the tests,” the fitness instructor explained. “They were actually in these jets … so [it was about] physical preparation, just getting strong, moving well, make sure physically he was very fit.”


Walsh told UsHe and the Pennsylvania native were primarily focused on conditioning and fundamentals, making it easy for the Divergent star was as physically ready as he could be for the role — especially when it came to that iconic beach scene.

“We did a lot of conditioning a couple weeks [before] the beach scene, just to try to, like, top off, but he really didn’t need it. He was ready,” the wellness guru revealed.

Despite the extensive amount of training that went into Teller’s transformation, which included “a lot of ab work,” “deadlifting over 450 pounds” and “learning to brace for G pulls,” Walsh proudly told UseYou can find the War Dogs actor “never threw up” and was “a good old boy” who accepted every challenge willingly.

“He took everything very seriously. He was very professional,” Walsh said of Teller’s work ethic. “You could just tell that this had this thing that was really going to require and push him to his limits physically. And the payoff was, you know, an incredible movie.”

That doesn’t mean that Walsh can take credit for everything fans loved about the Fantastic FourStar while you are watching Maverick is the Top Gun “I definitely did not teach him that dance,” he joked. “That’s all Miles.”

For those who want to get themselves in shape and look like Teller, Walsh provided a few tips to help them progress, highlighting the importance of staying consistent in the gym.

“You’ve got to get your mind right. I would get a program and make sure that you’re keeping track every single day,” he explained. “We had a program set that was ready to go. That program was followed. We kept track. Every single workout there was a progression and then of course the diet side of it is 50 percent.”

The Spectacular Now star was able to work with an “in-house dietician,” but for those who don’t have that luxury, Walsh said “no drinking” and less carbs are the way to go. “Instead of having a burger bun … have it on a lettuce wrap,” he suggested.

For occasional tips and tricks, his Instagram account can be accessed by those looking to improve their fitness. The celebrity trainer said Us that he mostly tries to “stay private” and “focus on the clients” at his gym Rise Nation. The following are his tips and tricks. Top Gun: Maverick’s commercial success — and Teller staking a claim as the internet’s new boyfriend — Walsh promises that people can expect more from him very soon.

“I am working on putting together an app and some stuff like that for people to have that information,” he revealed. “I think it’s time. I’ve heard the pleas. I’m gonna answer soon. Very soon.”

Christina Garibaldi reports 

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