Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher’s Marriage Supposedly At Risk Over Fights And Arguments, Rumors Say

Mila KunisAnd Ashton KutcherThey went from being co-stars to being lovebirds. The That ’70s ShowStars married in 2015 and had children together. However, it is possible that things are not going as planned in paradise. Rumours continue to circulate about fights and disputes behind closed doors.

Kunis thinks Kutcher’s a bad parent? Is he like a third-child for her? What does an AT&T commercial have to do with anything? These rumors will surely pique your curiosity.

Marriage in a Pressure Cooker

Per Life & StyleKutcher and Kunis were being ripped apart by their parenting strategies. Kunis and Kutcher took a long weekend off to film a commercial away from their children, but one source claimed it was more than just a getaway. “Like many couples, they fight over their different parenting styles, making day-to-day decisions, and who is carrying the most weight at home. It’s a difficult balancing act.” Kunis was sick of staying at home while Kutcher filmed movies, so conflict was brewing.

Parenting certainly isn’t easy, so were Kutcher and Kunis fighting over strategies? You can read our report about the rumor right here. 

Kunis’ Third Child

Another report by Life & StyleKunis had Kutcher bossed around like he were a child. “When he neglects simple housekeeping duties, she’ll scream at him. If Mila could, she would put Ashton in a time-out at least once a day,” a source says. Kutcher was spending too much time on the computer for his wife’s liking.

The source in this story sure seemed to know some intimate details about Kutcher’s life. Kunis might view Kutcher as a third child she has to tutor and educate. Or does she love him and respect him as an equal? Here’s what we found when we looked into Kunis’ parenting.

Livid Over AT&T

Kunis and Demi Moore recently teamed up for a funny AT&T commercial. The ad focuses on the fact that Kunis and Demi Moore both went to the same highschool and have a similar relationship history. According to Neue IdeaKutcher wasn’t happy about it. “It means he’s going to have to deal with more headlines reminding everyone how he treated Demi,” an insider said. “But he couldn’t really say much since it was his wife’s idea.”

Kunis was proud of her commercial and it did attract headlines, but was Kutcher seriously bitter over his wife’s success? We have broken down the Kunis-Moore story here.

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