Mike Rowe Releases Incredible Message for Business Owners

July 25, 2019Jul 25, 2019

Mike Rowe has made quite the name for himself. The TV host turned patriotic advocate has been making headlines for years. Now, he is urging business owners to take a stand.

Mike released a commentary on his plea for business owners to hire veterans. It was a moving piece and as always, very well written.

"If you own a business that employs human beings, you need to ask yourself a simple question – have I built a vet-friendly on-ramp into my organization, or not?

"If the answer is 'yes,' congratulations! You've done a good thing. If the answer is 'no,' you've got to ask yourself, 'why?'"

He concluded, "And then, you have to build a vet-friendly on-ramp into your organization! Because the truth is, there's no good reason not to."

Rowe's comments come after another post he made recently. His words in that message appealed to higher education administrators and those looking to take on a skilled trade.

"The expectation is real and the expectation is this: 'I want a job in my chosen field. I want that job to pay not just fairly but well. And, most interestingly, I would like that job to be in my zip code. Like, right now. I'm not really into this whole moving to where the work is,'" Rowe said at the time.

"What I’ve opposed – consistently - is not the importance of higher education, but rather, the relentless drumbeat of 'college for everyone,'" he explained. "Because this cookie-cutter approach to education presupposes that all worthwhile knowledge can only be attained from a college or a university. That’s the most dangerous myth of all."

He ended by saying he was going to be trying to change the way our system is currently designed.

He concluded, "I'll continue to challenge the idea that college is the only place to get a worthwhile education."

Do you agree with Mike? Let us know! He is always so great to speak the truth and do so in an eloquent way.

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