Mike Rowe Delivers Comment on Vegas Shooting

October 04, 2017Oct 04, 2017

A Las Vegas resident recently asked Mike Rowe for some comforting words in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting.

The shooting occurred on Sunday night when more than 50 people were killed in the worst mass shooting in modern American history when a lone gunman opened fire during a country music festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. More than 500 innocent people were injured.  

The suspect was soon identified by law enforcement as Stephen Paddock, 64, according to NBC News. 

Molly Carr wrote to Rowe: "I live in Las Vegas, and I’ve seen you here often. Once, in the lobby at Mandalay Bay. We’re all shattered here, obviously. A comforting word from you would go a long way…”

The Blaze first reported on the response, calling it "amazing." 

You can read the full responses at The Blaze. 

“I’m sorry, Molly. I know these are not comforting words. The world is as uncertain as the people in it, and we share this rock with some very uncertain folks. But we also share it with living proof that hope will never die,” he wrote. 

According to Rowe, as he first learned about the tragedy he was laying in the comfort of his bed. But he still couldn't help but feel scared. After all, he had stayed at the Mandalay hotel more than 30 times since 2006. He had ridden every elevator in the building. Therefore, he knew that he had ridden the same elevators, pushed the same buttons, and walked the same halls as the monster who killed 50 people and wounded 500+ more. 

In the end, Mike Rowe claimed that his words do not have the capacity to provide the hope of comfort that Molly seeks. 

"But there are people among us who restore my faith in the species, even as others seek to rob me of it. I can introduce you to those people. That’s what I’ve tried to do with my little slice of cyberspace, and that’s what I can do today. The same thing I do every Tuesday."

To end his response, Rowe then shared the story of a woman named Momma Ginger, who, along with her "Soup Ladies," wait for a disaster to strike so that they may drive deep into the disaster zone and provide soup for the first responders. 

“It sounds like a small thing. It isn’t. When it comes to kindness, there are no small things. And when it comes to keeping hope alive, our first responders are the best example there is. This is the woman who takes care of them. In fact, she’s on her way to your city right now,” Rowe said.

“Take comfort in her.”

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