Mike Pence Shares Sweet Family Memory with His Wife and Children

June 26, 2017Jun 26, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the 40th anniversary for Focus on the Family, a well-known Christian organization, in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Friday, June 23rd. He was accompanied by his wife, Second Lady Karen Pence.

In his speech, he discussed the importance of faith and thanked Focus on the Family for their work in ministry of bringing God’s word to the American people. He also emphasized the President’s aspiration for America to stay consistent with God’s values and bring faith back into our country, despite those ‘resisting’ the Trump agenda.

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Aside from speaking up for religious freedom, Pence surprised the crowd by sharing a sweet family memory with his wife and children. He reminisced on when he and Karen used to teach their kids about God, in a large part with help from Focus on the Family.

“One of the most cherished memories of our children’s youth is the Family Nights booklet that we got from Focus on the Family. Literally got that book that we heard about it on the radio or something and called in for it. It inspired us to spend every Friday night with our little ones, usually on the living room floor, a little bit of pizza in the waiting, and we would huddle around a fun story, we’d learn a Biblical message. And that Focus on Family family night booklet is on the shelf with lots of notes from those moments with the little ones.”

Watch Mike Pence talk about his cherished family memory below:

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