Vice President Mike Pence Is Speaking Out After Media Deals His Wife A Low Blow!

March 04, 2017Mar 04, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence is calling for an immediate apology from the Associated Press for his wife, Karen Pence. 

The vice president is speaking out against the Associated Press for releasing his wife's personal email address. Vice President Pence tweeted that releasing Karen's information “violated her privacy and our security.”

Vice President Pence also tweeted that the AP owed his wife an apology after they refused to remove her e-mail address. 


However, after the Associated Press realized that Karen still used the published e-mail address, they removed it from their site. 

In a statement from Lauren Easton, the director of media relations for the AP, explained the incident.

"AP removed the email address from subsequent stories after learning Mrs. Pence still used the account. The AP stands by its story, which addresses important transparency issues,” 

What do you think about the Associated Press sharing Karen Pence's personal e-mail address?

Do you think they owe her an apology?

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