Mike Pence’s Daughter Braves ‘The View’ to Defend Her Dad’s Faith, Character

March 20, 2018Mar 20, 2018

Not a lot of time has elapsed since co-host Joy Behar mocked Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith on “The View,” so it was certainly surprising to see his oldest daughter appearing on the show Tuesday and sitting right next to Behar.

Although it wasn’t the main subject of young Charlotte Pence’s appearance on “The View,” conservative co-host Meghan McCain immediately asked Charlotte about her dad.

“Obviously, your father is the vice president of the United States. I wouldn’t know anything about winning, so can you tell me what it’s like having father be vice president of the United States,” Meghan — daughter of Sen. John McCain (R.-Ariz.) — asked with a smile.

“Honestly, for us and our family, I feel like it’s hard for me to answer that because he’s just my dad first, and so I think that part of that is that it’s always been a job he’s had almost my whole life in politics,” Charlotte replied. “He’s just my dad at the end of the day.”

Co-host Sara Haines asked, “The race, two years ago, it got pretty nasty. When your dad was asked to take the job, did you guys sit down as a family and ask what this was going to mean for you? Did you have a major concern?”

“We talked about it a lot,” Charlotte responded. “I’m kind of lucky because I was the only kid living at home at the time, so I got to really see my parents actually go through this thought process.”

“Honestly,” she continued, “I had a lot of peace about it because I saw them just pray about it a lot, just really trusting God and kind of go down this path that they felt called to. So, honestly, I felt really good about it, and I was kind of along for the ride the whole time.”

“So what do you think is the biggest misconception about Mike Pence?” Behar asked her.

Thinking for a moment, she replied, “It’s got to be that he has animosity or hatred toward anyone. He has really strong views, he’s a conservative, he’s in public politics, obviously, public life, and he’s called to that. But he doesn’t have a bad feeling toward anyone, despite his strong beliefs.”

“He’s very religious, also,” pointed out co-host Sunny Hostin.

“Exactly, yeah, definitely,” Charlotte confirmed.

“Was he always religious like that?” Behar asked.

The vice president’s daughter answered, “He became a Christian really in college, so I don’t he always was. I think his faith journey is really interesting. Ever since I’ve known him, he has been.”

The questioning soon shifted to Charlotte’s pet rabbit Marlon Bundo — also referred to as the BOTUS — and the adorable children’s book Charlotte and her mom Karen published about a day-in-the-life of a vice president from Marlon Bundo’s perspective. See excerpts from that book and meet the rabbit in the video from “The View” below:

Also, watch Marlon Bundo sign his book deal:


Charlotte has two siblings. Audrey, who is a year younger than Charlotte, describes herself as “politically independent, socially liberal,” according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Michael serves in the U.S. Marine Corps and got married last year.

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