Mike Pence Accepts Humorous ‘Dare’ from Marco Rubio

July 07, 2017Jul 07, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence visited NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Thursday, July 6th of 2017. Senator Marco Rubio also accompanied the U.S. Vice President on his special visit.

Following their NASA visit, a photo of Pence went viral later that evening. The photo shows Pence placing his hand on a ‘Critical Space Flight Hardware’. On the hardware is a paper sign that reads ‘DO NOT TOUCH’. In response, many recreated the photo with various memes that portrayed Pence in a negative way. See the original photo below.

On July 7th, Pence responded by also sharing memes that were clearly meant to be humorous. First, he posted a photo circling Marco Rubio’s head and stating, “Sorry, @NASA…@Marco Rubio dared me to do it!” Then, he posted another version of the photo saying, “Okay...so this isn’t exactly the first time this has happened,” and showing himself touching a porcupine.



After Pence shared the photos, liberals didn’t seem to think the joke was funny. Many users responded with negative remarks towards our Vice President.



However, conservatives applauded Pence for his sense-of-humor and creative response to the hatred around his NASA photo. NASA also responded saying, “It was OK to touch the surface. Those are just day-to-day reminder signs. We were going to clean it anyway. It was an honor to host you!”