Kathy Griffin Questioned During Secret Service Investigation

July 06, 2017Jul 06, 2017

Kathy Griffin made major headlines earlier this year after posting a controversial photo of her holding President Donald Trump’s decapitated head. She later begged for forgiveness by posting an apology video and removing the inappropriate photo. Her hope was to make a strong ‘political statement’, but many audiences, including liberals, thought her photo stunt was extremely inappropriate.

After the outrage, Griffin was eventually fired from multiple jobs and has been put under federal investigation by the Secret Service. However, since then, her actions have not been very remorseful: she called Trump a ‘bully’ during a press conference, deleted the apology video from her page, and took a shot at Trump on Twitter saying that “POTUS likes to punch down”, then criticized his health care reform.


Recently, she also commented on being under federal investigation by the U.S. Secret Service. Regarding her investigation, she was reportedly questioned for over an hour on July 5th of 2017, leaving the investigation to remain open.


In response, former governor Mike Huckabee (among many other Twitter users) bashed Griffin on Twitter. He stated agents could only handle the comedian for a short period of time. Others pointed out that CNN originally held off on firing Griffin, but jumped at the chance to threaten the creator of Trump's GIF, which shows the president 'taking down' CNN in a wrestling match. 



Clearly, the outrage following the controversial photo has not yet simmered down. You can read more about the Kathy Griffin fiasco here. Thank you!