Mick Jagger Welcoming Baby No. 9 With 34-Year-Old Girlfriend?

Is it? Mick JaggerHis plan to marry his girlfriend Melanie HamrickHave another child with her? According to one outlet, the loss of Jagger’s bandmate Charlie Watts made the rocker realize he needed Hamrick in his life for the long haul. Gossip Cop investigates this narrative to see what’s really going on. 

Mick Jagger Wants another Kid? 

According to a recent report by the Globe, Mick Jagger “has finally found satisfaction” with his 34-year-old girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick. After Jagger’s longtime bandmate and drummer passed away in August, the tabloid claims it made Jagger realize “he’s no good on his own” without her. “He and Melanie have had their ups and downs,” a source admits. However, as Jagger and The Rolling Stones were on tour recently, “Mick realized that he missed Melanie and their son.” 

Insiders also note that Hamrick was much closer to Jagger after the incident his open-heart surgery a couple of years ago. “Melanie nursed him back to health, which changed their relationship for the better,” the source says. Apparently, Jagger confessed he could “see himself marrying” Hamrick at their $2 million waterfront home in Florida. “They want a small, intimate wedding, and Mick wants Melanie to pop out another baby before his 80th birthday,” the tipster concludes. 

What’s New With Mick Jagger?

So, is Mick Jagger ready to have another kid and finally marry his girlfriend? At Gossip Cop, we do not believe the Globe‘s story. In fact, the outlet released an identical report about JaggerA few years ago. At the time, Jagger was supposedly ready to settle down And suggested he and Hamrick “have another baby to seal their love.” It’s a nice story, but it’s not true. 

At this point, the magazine is trying to force a narrative that’s simply not happening. The one detail the tabloid actually got correct is the couple’s $2 million mansion in Florida. Jagger indeed bought the property for him, Hamrick, and their son, Devereaux, to enjoy. However, that doesn’t automatically mean he wants to have a wedding there. It’s obvious to anyone that he and Hamrick are more than dedicated to one another already and will likely celebrate their tenth anniversary there in 2024.

Frequent Target: Older Musicians

Consider this: If you need more reason to discredit the Mick Jagger wedding story, consider Globe‘s history with celebrity news. For example, the outlet once alleged Elton John’s friends were worried he only had a few months to live. 

After John was diagnosed with pneumonia, the outlet reported that John would be dead within six months. Evidently, the story was false as John is still living today. Essentially, the magazine was exaggerating the state of the singer’s health to capitalize on recent news, much like its latest report on Jagger that used Charlie Watts’ death as an excuse to speculate about his relationship. It’s shameful and ridiculous.