Michelle Obama Stoops to New Low, Makes Fun of Melania Trump in Disgraceful New Interview

December 19, 2018Dec 19, 2018

Melania Trump has done a fantastic job at representing the United States since she became the First Lady. She has definitely had an uphill battle in spreading her message and promoting her platform. As the wife of President Trump, Melania has faced more scrutiny than any First Lady in history.

Now, Michelle Obama is going on the offensive and attacking Melania in a disgraceful new interview. Michelle sat down with Jimmy Fallon to discuss the Presidential Inauguration and to reveal her thoughts about the day.

When Fallon showed a picture of Michelle and Barack waving goodbye, he asked her what she was thinking. Michelle revealed that the internet meme "Bye Felicia" was a great description of her thoughts as they handed the White House over to the Trump family.

The meme "Bye Felicia" has spread on social media in recent years. It refers to an Ice Cube movie in which Ice Cube's character dismisses a woman who is asking to borrow dugs and a car from another character. Urban Dictionary has gone on to define the term as bidding "farewell to someone deemed unimportant."

Beyond that insult, Michelle then went on to make fun of the Tiffany's present that Melania handed her as the Trumps met the Obamas outside the White House. Michelle then gave a smirk to the crowd as people laughed. Michelle has since revealed that a frame was inside the box, however, it appears she wasn't very grateful for the present or the kind gesture from Melania.

"Not set to return to the White House again, Mrs Obama could not place the gift inside the West Wing for safe keeping, but nor could she take it with her to the inauguration ceremony. After a few seconds of awkwardly holding the present trying to decide how to overcome the dilemma, a member of staff came to her rescue and temporarily looked after the gift," reported Express.

It's truly sad to see Michelle dismiss Melania's actions in this way. As a former First Lady, Michelle should show respect for the position and work to unite the nation in their support for both America and the Trump family.

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