Michelle Obama Library Under Fire for Welcoming ‘Special Guest’ to Read to Children

October 17, 2017Oct 17, 2017

The Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library located in Long Beach, California is currently under fire for allowing a certain “special guest” to come read to children for a storytime event. The event was held in support of the LGBT community for LGBTQ history month, which is recognized annually in October.

The Long Beach Public Library was named after the former first lady Michelle Obama, which was reportedly suggested by the youth of their local community. According to a previous article by CBS Los Angeles, it was the first library named after a “person of color” in the area.

Xochi Mochi, a drag queen, was the guest reading to young kids for “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Despite the obvious controversy, the drag queen showed up with a very unusual and somewhat frightening costume, which many referred to as “demonic.”

Mochi wore a light pink and white floral dress paired with a matching shawl and bright red hair. She also had a painted white face with dark red accents and five long horns, which appeared to be coming out of the crown of her head.

She proudly shared a picture of her reading to the kids, who also appeared to be in costumes including princesses and a ladybug, calling it the “one of the best experiences” she has had as a drag queen. She also commented on her support for all members of the LGBT community.

However, the drag queen and the Michelle Obama Library faced a lot of backlash for their choice of the reader. According to The Blaze, a picture on the library’s social media accounts was actually removed in response to the controversy.

People felt the costume was extremely inappropriate to have at a children’s storytime event. One user even pointed out how ridiculous it is for this to be accepted, but First Lady Melania Trump was under major heat from the Left for sending classic Dr. Suess books to a school library. See a few of the comments below.




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