Michelle Obama Lambasts Trump Again in Brand New Interview, Says He's 'Lowered the Bar'

December 20, 2018Dec 20, 2018

Former first lady Michelle Obama has been taking swipes at President Trump and first lady Melania Trump the entirety of her book tour. While talking about her book "Becoming" on Thursday, she told Sarah Jessica Parker that President Trump has lowered the bar as to what it means to be president.


She said President Trump is held to a lower standard than former President Obama. She said her husband former President Obama was held to a higher presidential "bar," reported The Hill. 

“Often time, when you’re the first or the only, the bar shifts a lot, right?" the former first lady said in a speech to promote her new book at the Barclays Center in New York City. "The bar gets set, you meet it, exceed it, they move the bar, and were watching that right now — the bar’s just swinging, and swinging,” she said in the interview. 



Obama went on to snarkily say that Trump is "very different." He's being held to a different bar than her husband was held. She said her husband was expected to tell the truth and not get indicted.

“It’s a totally new bar — never seen this bar before, ever,” she said. “But when we were in office, our bar was very different — not getting indicted, and telling the truth.”



In her book, Obama writes about her husband's road to becoming the first African American president. However, in the book tour, it seems like she's talked more about the Trumps. Last month, she criticized Melania for not taking her advice on how to be the first lady. 

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