The Top 5 Keys to Motherhood I Learned From Michelle Duggar

May 08, 2015May 08, 2015

After 19 kids, Michelle Duggar, from TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, knows a thing or two about being a mom.  duggars.jpg

Here's what she has to say:

1) Cherish every moment with your children (even if you're tired): "No sleep can be any better than getting to have that time with your kids."

2) Know that God picked YOU to be your child's mom: "I really believe God gives moms and dads the ability that no one else has to understand instinctively their children's needs."

3) Highlight your child's GOOD far more than their bad: "Praise your children ten times more than you correct them."

4) Model the kind of behavior you want your kids to have: "I respect my kids, and I expect them to respect others." 

5) Think of time as your friend, not your foe: "You know, time really is our friend. We want to use our time wisely, because that is our greatest resource that God entrusts to us."  

Being a mom is definitely not easy, but it is totally rewarding.  If you are a mom, know what an incredible investment you are making in your children, even if they are not able to express it! Keep sowing your love into their lives; you will see the fruit of it! We pray you know how valued you are today! Do you know a mom who needs encouragement today? Send her a little note or prayer today!