Michelle And Jim Bob Duggar Make Unexpected Journey To South America

February 16, 2016Feb 16, 2016

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar recently made a surprise trip to El Salvador to spend quality time with their daughter Jill, her husband Derick, and their son Israel.


“Jill’s parents surprised us recently with an impromptu visit for a few days,” Derick wrote on his blog.  “It was great to have them with us and get to show them the work the Lord is doing here.”

In addition to seeing how the couple is ministering to the surrounding villages, Michelle and Jim Bob got to spend quality time with their grandson, who by all accounts is a very healthy and happy boy.

“Israel just turned 10 months and now enjoys eating fruits and veggies,” Derick wrote.   “Some of his favorites are bananas and avocados.  He weighs a whopping 23 pounds and is cruising everywhere!  We’ve had to baby proof out house, adding cabinet locks and outlet covers that ‘Granda C’ sent down.  Israel definitely enjoyed all the attention when Grandma and Grandpa Duggar came to visit.”