Michael Moore Trolls Trump Tower With An ODD Sign

December 19, 2015Dec 19, 2015

Ultra-liberal documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore has always drawn attention to himself through his heavily biased and agenda driven documentaries.  His latest stunt is no different.

Attempting to steal the spotlight and gain interest for his new documentary “Where To Invade Next?”  Moore has set his sights on the mainstream media darling, Donald Trump.

According to Breitbart, Moore wrote an open letter to Trump and spent a day outside of Trump Tower holding a sign that says “We are all Muslim.” 


Moore’s actions are in response to Trump’s call to temporarily halt Muslim immigration into the United States until they can be properly vetted.  In his letter he starts out by telling a story of when he and Trump were both guests on a TV show.  He then goes on to bash Trump for his Muslim immigration comments.