Garth Brooks Writes Emotional Song for AGT Star, Father of 6, It Will Leave You in Tears

September 20, 2018Sep 20, 2018

Throughout his season on America’s Got Talent, fans and judges alike have fallen in love with singer Michael Ketterer. The world was compelled by Ketterer’s story and his beautiful voice.

Michael is a worship leader and a father of six. He and his wife, Ivy, have adopted five children out of foster care, giving them a total of six children.

During his June audition, Ketterer earned the coveted golden buzzer by Simon Cowell. When the live show began, Cowell’s admiration for Ketterer only grew. During a memorable performance, Ketterer brought the notoriously serious judge to tears.

Below is that performance:

During the semi-finals, Ketterer brought down the house yet again. After that performance, Simon made a public shout out to Garth Brooks. Cowell told Brooks that if he was watching that he should write Ketterer a song for the show’s finale. Immediately, Twitter went wild.

A few days later, Brooks responded to the request. He jokingly noted that he was on vacation when the show aired and that his phone wouldn’t stop blowing up. However, he said that it would be an honor to write a song for such an amazing guy.

On Wednesday night during America’s Got Talent finale, Ketterer was able to perform the song that Brooks wrote for him, and people loved it!

Below is the performance:

In the end, magician Shin Lim ended up winning this season of AGT. Still, Michael won over the hearts of thousands around the nation! 

Did you watch this season? What did you think? Share your thoughts here! In other recent news, please be praying for the rock legend who is in critical condition.