Actor from Children’s Shows Makes Bombshell Statement About Being Transgender: ‘This is Who I Am’

May 24, 2019May 24, 2019

A popular actor from children’s television shows just came out as transgender. Michael D. Cohen, who is best known for his role as Schwoz on Nickelodeon’s “Henry Danger” and “The Adventures of Kid Danger,” recently revealed that he transitioned from female to male almost 20 years ago.

Cohen, 43 years old, was cast on the original show in 2014 and again in the spin-off series in 2018. Additionally, he has starred in several other film works including “Whiplash” and “Suburbicon.”

According to TIME, he does not identify as “transgender,” but acknowledges that it is still a part of who he is. The “Henry Danger” star allegedly struggled with his identity growing up, but decided to go public with his story amidst today’s “political climate” because he didn’t want to “stay silent.”

The Nickelodeon actor elaborated further to PEOPLE. He touched on his personal experience with being transgender and said he wanted to be an advocate for kids dealing with similar struggles.

“My core identity — identity is something that you conform [with], it’s something you don’t necessarily need to be born with —  I’m born with this. It’s my core being, it’s my essence,” Cohen said. “The transgender part, that’s the journey, that’s my history, that’s my situation — it’s not my identity.”

“I don’t want to refer to myself as something that I’m only doing to make it easier for other people to understand me. I did that for too long, for too much of my life,” he added. “I am a man and I can say I’ve had a trans experience, that my story is transgender and I’m proud of that.”

Cohen is reportedly receiving support from his fellow co-stars and network.

“Grateful & happy to be able to share my story. Big thx to my @HenryDanger @Nickelodeon family & @glaad @katysteinmetz for their support. I hope that by sharing this part of my life story it will help more people of trans experience feel seen & less alone,” the actor shared on social media.

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