Michael Strahan Finally Solves ‘Mystery Woman’ NYC Encounter

Michael StrahanA comedian named TikTok solved a mystery in his case Robyn Schall. The Good Morning AmericaAnchor posted a video to his Instagram account that showed a reenactment a chance meeting Schall and Strahan in a New York City restaurant. That’s not the only celebrity cameo that took place!

What Happens When Michael Strahan Meets You in NYC?

Michael Strahan is probably one of the most recognizable figures in America thanks to his wildly successful football career, not to mention the fact that he’s been a morning show staple for the last decade. He’s easy to spot with his impressive size and charming gap-toothed smile. That’s likely why comedian Robyn Schall had no trouble recognizing him during a pre-pandemic run in at a NYC restaurant. 

Schall’s video shows Schall eating lunch and getting up to go to the bathroom. Her sunglasses happened to fall right next to the biggest feet she’d ever seen. Schall looked up to see Michael Strahan gazing down at Schall, wanting to know the identity of those gigantic feet. 

An Awkwardly Hilarious Run in with Fame

Strahan was leading the charge, while the pair finished their lunches. Schall followed his lead until she was able to catch up at a red stoplight. She shyly handed him her business card before getting nervous and blurting out, “You’re handsome!” 

Although this statement is objectively correct, Schall thought it was silly and ran. Strahan was headed in the same direction, which was a bit disappointing for Schall, but hilarious for all of us. Due to Schall’s short size and Strahan’s famously long legs, he was gaining on her, so she ducked into the first bar she saw. 

Another Chance for a Reunion

She asked for a shot of vodka and a martini. The older gentleman seated next to her at the counter, who was innocently enjoying a tuna sandwich, asked if she was having a “rough day.” When Schall turned to answer him, she realized she’d inadvertently sat right next to Christopher Lloyd. 

Thus ended the video, but it clearly helped jog Strahan’s memory. He shared the video on his own Instagram page, writing in the caption, “You know what they say… If you have big feet… you have big socks LOLOL! Tik Tok helped me find out who this mysterious woman was!!” Hopefully Strahan enjoyed learning about the chance encounter from the other side, since we definitely did!

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