Michael Jackson Will Return To The Stage As A Hologram, Tito Jackson Says

Tito Jackson Says Michael Jackson Will Return to The Stage As A Hologram

There could be a Jackson 5Coming soon to a location near you: A concert

Michael JacksonHis return to the stage could be imminent. Michael Jackson’sBroadway will be the new Broadway. Michael Jackson: The Musical February 1, 2022. Talks have started about an electronic Hologram.

Tito Jackson67-year old reveals that negotiations are underway for a CGI version MichaelThe preparations for taking the stage in Las Vegas are already underway. He added that they could approve of the technology if they wanted. Jacksonestate would be open for the discovery of some unreleased tracks Michael. According to TitoThere is still music to be released. MichaelHe was always recording before his death. Of his younger brother’s possible return from the grave, Tito said:

“There’s been talk of that happening in Las Vegas. It’s just a case of getting it down and ensuring the technology is sufficient for what you want to get done. We need it to be able to do the moonwalk!”

Tito Jackson

The remaining members The Jackson 5Marlon Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jackie Jackson–have been performing since Michael’sDeath in 2009. They were last August’s performers at the Happy Days Festival in Esher (Surrey), Their brother, Jermaine Jack, has performed with them on several occasions. Baby brother Randy JacksonHe has completely withdrawn from the group.

Jackie, Marlon, Tito Jackson

Michael JacksonHe toured from September 1996 to Oct 1997 for his final tour. For the HIStory world tour, he traveled through Africa, Asia and Europe. He also accompanied his 1995 album.

Michael was set for a concert residency–This Is It–which was expected to kick off in July 2009 and end in March 2010.  The farewell concerts were to be held in London.

On June 25, 2009, Michael JacksonHe died in Los Angeles from cardiac arrest. He was 50 years old.

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