Michael B. Jordan Wants Denzel Washington To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe : I Got Some Things In Mind

Denzel Washington, Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan Wants Denzel Washington To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe: I Have Some Things In Mind


It looks like Michael B. JordanHas high hopes for movie stardom Denzel Washington! Promoting their new movie A Journal for Jordan A fan asked the CreedWashington would have to be his star if he wanted him to star in a Marvel movie. The 34-year-old actor starred in Marvel’s Black Panther in 2018 playing iconic character, ‘Killmonger’.

Michael responded quickly with excitement

“Yes! No hesitation. I actually got some things in mind, but yeah!”

Washington, 67, was also present for the interview. Washington jokingly replied.

“You better hurry!”

Denzel Washington

Michael B. JordanHe then reveals that he actually has ideas for a Marvel film starring his character Denzel WashingtonBut it needs to be given the time it deserves.

“I know! But I got it. I got some ideas for that… After I finish Creed III, you know what I’m saying? Once I’m done, my mind can wander. [to] other creative things.” 

Denzel WashingtonJordan directed their latest film. A Journal for Jordan The movie is based on a true tale. The movie follows army sergeant Monroe King –played by Jordan– as he keeps a journal of advice and love for his infant son while deployed in Iraq. Meanwhile, his editor, wife Dana– played by Chanté Adams– reminisces on the beginnings of their romance.

According to reports, the actor and director who won an award for his acting skills knew this. Michael B. Jordan was the right person for the role after becoming a fan of Jordan’s breakout performance in the 2013 film Fruitvale Station. Washington stated that during the interview:

“The IT factor is just that – there really is no name for it, you just know it when you see it”.

Michael also recalled meeting Michael for the first time. Denzel Washington, who he affectionately nicknamed “OG,” as in “original gangster”. 

“I remember the first time I met him — he wouldn’t remember. It was so long ago, I was so young. It was in New York. I remember being a child. We were at some event and I remember shaking his hand and thinking, ‘Oh, man, this is Denzel Washington’s hand I’m shaking. It’s soft, man, this shit is soft. He takes care of his own hands.’”

While talks of Denzel Washington joining the MCU franchise are only hypothetical at this moment, it’s safe to say fans would welcome him with open arms!


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