Mic Drop: Sarah Sanders Gives Epic Response About Being a Christian in the White House

November 05, 2018Nov 05, 2018

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers some of the world's most important information and because of that, she is often the victim of intense media scrutiny. Now, Sarah has revealed that it is her strong Christian values that keep her motivated during the daily grind.


While Sanders is best known for being the mouthpiece of the current White House administration, she said that she never intended on being "the face of anything." In a recent interview with the New Yorker, the press secretary opened up about her faith and how that has played a key role in serving this administration. 

During the expose, the New Yorker highlighted Sarah's political background and the series of events which led her to her current position. Additionally, Sanders was asked about how her faith has affected her time in the White House and whether or not it is difficult to have strong Christian values when dealing with the messiness of politics.


Sanders was asked how she deals with disagreements when she feels something goes against her personal values. Her response was filled with wisdom, saying that Christians should want to be in the messiest places.

She said, "I'm not going to my office expecting it to be my church. Frankly, if people of faith don't get involved in the dirty process, then you're missing the entire point of what we're called to do. You're not called to go into the places where everyone already thinks like you and is a believer- you have to go onto a stage where they're not."

She continued,  "You have to take that message into the darkest places, and the dirtiest places, and the most tainted and dysfunctional places. If you can influence even one person, that's what you're supposed to do."


When Sanders was asked about the idea that President Trump needs the most help, she responded that "we all need help."

She said, "That's the whole basis of Christianity. No one is perfect. We are all sinners."

What do you think about Sarah's words? Do you agree with her? Let us know! In other recent news, another giant retailer just announced they are closing 50+ locations.

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