Miami Dolphins Do Something Amazing to Honor Slain Florida Football Coach

February 19, 2018Feb 19, 2018

The tragic event that occurred in a Florida high school, where a shooter killed 17 people in a mad killing spree, has rocked the nation. Social media has been filled with posts about the incident and individuals offering their ideas on how to better protect our nation from gun violence.

In the days since the shooting, stories have been released about events that took place inside the school and about one heroic man who put his life on the line to save children. According to reports, Aaron Feis died after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds while shielding students with his body.

Aaron was known and loved by the students. He was proud to work as a football coach for the school and his death has had impacts across the country. He was a true hero.

Since the news broke of Aaron's actions, the Miami Dolphins decided to do something amazing. Darren Rizzi, the Dolphins' associate coach and special teams coordinator who knew Feis, said that the Dolphins' coaching staff got together Thursday morning to discuss how they could help Feis's family. He added that everybody -- from head coach Adam Gase to security staff -- got involved.

"As a coaching staff we got together on the morning after the tragedy and started talking about that we really wanted to do something for coach Feis and his family. Next thing you know we had close to 50 people that donated money," Rizzi said, per The Sun-Sentinel. "I was amazed because everybody from coach Adam Gase right on through our entire coaching staff, our equipment people, security, video people – everybody pitched in and gave some money. Everybody was affected by it."

In total, Rizzi and the rest of the organization as able to put together over $17,000 in donations to Aaron's family. It was a wonderful act of kindness and compassion to honor the amazing man that saved so many lives.

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