MGK, Pete Davidson Brought Beer to Sandra Bullock’s Easter Party

Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson are Sandra Bullock.
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Friends who are always up to having fun with their besties! Friendship goals are important! Machine Gun Kelly’s close bond with Pete Davidson is unmatched — including the types of antics they get into.

“There was this one Easter, I was like, ‘Pete, let’s go to my friend’s house for Easter.’ He pulled up and he had 40s and he was like, ‘Let’s do this thing,’” the “Bloody Valentine” rapper, 32, revealed during a Thursday, May 26, appearance on Jimmy Fallon hosts The Tonight Show. “We went and it was Sandra Bullock’s house and we walked in and [there]LikeJen Aniston [and]All of these [A-listers]. Pete was like, ‘Why would you do this to me? We look so stupid, 40 oz. [drinks] and we’re at Sandra Bullock’s house. Why didn’t you tell me this was where we were going?’”

Kelly, who got engaged Megan FoxThe 28-year-old was first noted in January Saturday Night Live alum got payback during Kelly’s birthday celebration last month.

Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson Showed Up at Sandra Bullock’s Easter Party with 40oz Beers

Machine Gun Kelly during an interview on Jimmy Fallon May 26, 2022
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“[Pete] texted like, ‘Hey, I’m about to come to your party can I bring a +1?’ I was like, ‘Of course.’ He pulls up and his plus one is Robert Pattinson,” Kelly told Jimmy Fallon. “I was like, ‘You brought Batman?’ It’s funny when you become Batman no one refers to you anymore as your actual name, you’re just Batman.”

While the Twilight actor, 36, took over the Caped Crusader mantle in Matt Reeves’ The Batman Kelly wrote in his March release. Good Mourning Film that London Ransom was also available for the gig.

“It’s a comedy that just goes back to days of gag humor and, you know, $50,000 lobster puppets that we thought we were going to crush,” Kelly (real name Colson Baker) teased of the film, currently in theaters, during the Thursday late-night appearance. “The cast is oddly great, the budget was [small]Cast [roster is huge].”

Good MourningKelly directed and wrote the film. Kelly stars as the 36-year old. Jennifer’s Body actress, Dove CameronDavidson. Kelly’s bond with the standup comic goes way beyond Good Mourning Costars after they first connected many years ago.

“We met each other at Wild ‘N Out way back,” the “Emo Girl” performer previously told Billboard in August 2018. “And then met each other years later when I was filming that Mötley Crüe movie [The Dirt], ’cause he’s in that Mötley Crüe movie. We were both, like, super stoners, when we were left down in New Orleans. [We]The same music was played. … So that’s my boy.”

Kelly, who teased Davidson as the best man at Fox’s wedding, has continued support for the Meet Cute Actor in both good and bad times.

“I don’t have any siblings, you know, so when you have someone like Pete, like, that’s like my little brother,” Kelly said during an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” in September 2020. “He’s like my best friend but also like a little brother, so, like, you have the opportunity to live that dynamic of, like, having a sibling. So, obviously, to me, that’s like the dream. Pete’s like that for me.”

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