Mesmerizing Photo Captures Glimpse of Heaven After Fatal Car Crash

May 03, 2018May 03, 2018
Updated May 03 2018 10 AM ET

Two women, Hannah Simmons and Lauren Buteau, and Simmons' 9-month-old daughter — A'lannah Hopkins — were tragically killed in a fatal car crash in Georgia on April 25th of 2017. Their tragic story, which transitioned into a story filled with faith, hope, and peace, ended up becoming known nationally. 

The two friends and infant child were driving back from a doctor’s appointment before the mother of the baby lost control of the car, venturing into the path of a truck, reported WSB-TV. Even more than a year after their deaths, it is unclear exactly how the accident occurred.

Sadly, Simmons was engaged to the father of her child and was also two months pregnant with the couple's second child. Her family was absolutely devastated after Simmons' passing, but one simple photo gave them all hope and peace.

A witness at the accident took a mesmerizing photo that people referred to as "A Pathway to Heaven." The photo, which contained a beautiful story about God's presence, went viral.

One family member told the local news source, “It took my breath away. Chills covered my body. And then a peace came over me. I see God taking them up to heaven. Their spirits, their orbs are up there. No other explanation.”

Another family member mentioned that she questioned her faith after the accident, but the photo reassured her aboout God's faithfulness.

The photo captured a beam of sunlight from the sky that was shining directly on the car containing the two women and child who passed away. See the powerful photo below:

Please continue to pray for this family. May God use their powerful story to touch the lives of others!

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