Meryl Streep Makes GIANT FOOL Of Herself At Golden Globes, Attacks TRUMP By Saying THIS!

January 09, 2017Jan 09, 2017

During the Golden Globes Award ceremony that took place Sunday evening, Meryl Streep used her awards speech to bash Trump and discuss her sadness in him winning the presidential election.

Streep used her acting skills to falsely accuse Trump of inciting violence, racism and even making fun of the disabled.

As fellow Hollywood "stars" nodded their heads in agreement, many viewers were outraged by her comments. One person who was equally outraged was Trump's right-hand woman, Kellyanne Conway.

She went on Fox News Monday morning to discuss Meryl Streep's comments and even pose a challenge to the actress. Watch her comments below.

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Also, to watch Meryl Streep's full speech, click the video below.