Melissa Joan Hart Opens Up About Her Faith And Politics

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March 17, 2016Mar 17, 2016

Melissa Joan Hart, star of the new movie “God’s Not Dead 2” revealed on an interview with FOX that she is not afraid to openly discuss her Christian faith and doesn’t understand why people are afraid to talk about their beliefs.

“You can’t cower away from certain things,” Hart said. “I feel like a lot of people don’t like the controversy. They don’t like to discuss religion. They don’t like to debate. I love that stuff.”

Hart is so active in her faith and politics that she has toyed with the idea of running for office. “If it wasn’t for the fact that my family was under a close scrutiny, I would probably want to run for political office someday or something,” Hart said. “I am always the one at dinner parties where people are like ‘don’t talk about religion or politics’ and I’m like ‘can we please talk about religion or politics?’ I love debating and I love hearing other perspectives on everything.”

Despite being so politically engaged, Hart is shocked by the state of the presidential race. “I am flabbergasted by everything going on,” she said. “I don’t believe one of them (the politicians).  I am just floored by everything going on and honestly just praying daily for this country and everything going on that the right thing happens.”