People Obsessing Over Melania's Latest Style Trend, Notice One Unique Feature

September 18, 2018Sep 18, 2018

Ever since she stepped foot into the White House, First Lady Melania has been turning heads with her effortless fashion. Every time she steps out in public, people compliment the First Lady on her classy but modern style.

Over the last year, First Lady Melania could often be seen wearing a similar type of outfit: a bright, bold colored head-to-toe outfit. The look usually included a knee-length dress or trench coat with matching heels.

Now, however, fans are noticing that Melania's style has been shifting and she seems to have a new obsession. The last few times that she has been in public, Melania has been wearing a blazer jacket! Rather than wearing it as a normal jacket with her arms in the sleeves, however, Melania has been opting to drape it over her shoulders instead.

Below are some of the examples:

In most of her recent outfits, Melania will wear a neutral-colored pant or skirt with the matching blazer. Then, she will add a pop of color to the outfit with her shirt.

Sometimes, Melania chooses to wear her blazers as a normal jacket as well:

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