Melania Trump to Make Announcement From White House on Monday Afternoon

May 07, 2018May 07, 2018


First Lady Melania Trump plans to announce her formal agenda on Monday afternoon, according to Fox News. The announcement will reveal her initiatives as the first lady, particularly as she plans to focus on the "well-being of children." 

Melania's spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, has claimed that the first lady is not simply choosing one topic as she's done in the past. Rather, the first lady is planning to focus on the well-being of children. Her spokesperson claims that Melania has long expressed interest in children, especially since she has 12-year-old Barron, and as a result has taken numerous visits to hospitals and schools throughout the country. 

Recently, Melania turned the Blue Room at the White House into a mock classroom. She then invited children from middle school to share with the White House their hopes and dreams for the future. This was recognized by the media as a spectacular event, and much like Melania's other efforts, it was a wild success. 

In the past, the first lady has addressed the negative consequences of cyberbullying. In order to address this subject, Melania hosted major online and social media companies at the White House throughout 2017 and 2018, and she also brought her message directly to the country in personal visits. 

Last year, Melania addressed the United States and actively encouraged leaders from around the world to enhance their effort to help children in need. She claimed that countries with poverty, disease, illiteracy, and drug issues were hurting children. 

CNN writes that Melania has planned to focus her efforts on the well-being of children since September of last year, although it has not been very clear exactly what this means. Today, however, the country is expected to get a clearer, more precise vision of what the first lady has in mind.

"As has been evidenced by the many events Mrs. Trump has participated in during her time as the first lady, her focus will be the overall well-being of children. Something unique though: She has not narrowed her platform down to just one topic as has been done in the past," Melania's spokesperson said. "Mrs. Trump wishes to help the next generation by creating change through awareness on a variety of issues that affect children."

The role of the first lady is still largely undefined. As a result, previous first ladies have chosen one standout point of interest and have then used their status in order to promote or encourage behavior relating to their particular point of interest. For Trump, who did not move into the White House until June of last year, deciding on her initiative has taken longer than other first ladies. 

Former First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled her "Let's Move" in February 2010, about eleven months into her tenure, and Laura Bush unveiled her "Ready to Read, Ready to Learn" program for education and literacy in July of her first year as the first lady. 

In recent news, although he is in good health right now, family and friends have started on McCain's funeral arrangements. 

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