Melania Trump Makes International Headlines for What She Just Did in France

July 13, 2017Jul 13, 2017

First Lady Melania Trump joined President Trump in his most recent visit to Paris, France where he was scheduled to meet with the French president. While on her visit, she decided to visit a children’s hospital to meet with and encourage patients and staff.

The first lady posted a photo on her Twitter account and said, “Thank U @hospital_necker for allowing me to visit your wonderful patients & inspirational staff. Continued prayers for good health for all.”

While in Paris, the president and first lady also met with the U.S. ambassador’s residence. After, they met with leaders of the U.S. military as well as their families.

First Lady Melania Trump has been consistent in showing her caring heart and kind motives. She makes time for people even in the midst of her busy schedule. In fact, she has formed a tradition of visiting local hospitals when traveling overseas. 

While it is no surprise that she made an effort to visit a children’s hospital while in Paris, it is surprising that she does not get more credit for charitable acts that she participates in. While good deeds do not have to be acknowledged to make them worth it, stories like this create a positive influence. 

The mainstream media is often saturated with negativity and harsh words. It would be refreshing to be updated on the goodness of the world, especially when it involves our nation’s leaders. 

Do you think that the media should tell us more positive stories? What do you think about this recent trip?

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