Melania Trump's 48th Birthday is Today, Here Are 7 Other First Ladies at 48

April 26, 2018Apr 26, 2018

Today is Melania Trump's 48th birthday, which she will be celebrating at the White House. On the morning of her special day, President Trump decided to appear on "Fox and Friends" for a phone interview, during which time he addressed the fact that it is his wife's birthday. As a heartfelt gesture, President Trump got Melania a card and flowers.

Here is a picture of Melania Trump from yesterday, one day before her 48th birthday. Melania's all-white outfit earned her significant praise from the media. You can read more about Melania's stunning outfit in our recent article

Until we learn more about what Melania Trump has planned for her 48th birthday, let's take the time to view past first ladies while they were 48 and remember what they accomplished while in public life.

Like Melania, Michelle Obama spent her 48th birthday in the White House. While serving as the first lady, Obama visited homeless shelters and soup kitchens and spent an ample amount of time promoting poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity, and healthy eating. Like Melania, she was also considered a fashion icon. 

Laura Bush's 48th birthday was spent during her husband's time as governor of Texas. Despite being the wife of a politician, she claimed that politics "don't drive her" during her husband's time as governor. Throughout her years in the Governor's Mansion, she did not hold a single formal event but rather worked for women's and children's causes including health, education, and literacy. She also raised money for public libraries. 

Hillary Clinton also spent her 48th birthday in the White House. Unlike other first ladies, Hillary Clinton was a controversial figure while in the White House. Rather than sticking to the issues that interest more first ladies — poverty, education, health, and so on — Hillary Clinton pushed for healthcare reform. She was also the most-traveled first lady in American history, surpassing even Pat Nixon. She also played a major role in international diplomacy, giving important speeches throughout the world on behalf of the United States. 

Barbara Bush cared deeply about family literacy, claiming that it is the "most important issue that we have." During her time as the first lady, she became involved with several literacy organizations, served on literacy committees, and chaired many reading organizations. She eventually helped develop the Barbara Bush Foundation For Family Literacy. She was also active in the White House Historical Association and worked to revitalize the White House Preservation Fund. Some claim that she was more popular than her immediate predecessor Nancy Reagan and her successor Hillary Clinton, in part because she carefully avoided controversy during her years in the White House. 

While serving as the first lady of the United States, Nancy Reagan focused primarily on restoring the White House, which she wanted to be a "more suitable first home" for her and her husband. She was also a fashion icon, wearing dresses, gowns, and suits made by luxury designers. 

Rosalynn Carter declared that she didn't want to be a traditional First Lady of the United States. During her husband's administration, she supported her husband's public policies. Well informed in politics, she would often sit in on Cabinet meetings, something that her husband always encouraged. The idea for her to attend cabinet meetings came from her husband after she started to question him about a news story. "I was there to be informed so that when I traveled across the country, which I did a great deal, and was questioned by the press and other individuals about all areas of government, I'd know what was going on," she wrote. 

Jackie Kennedy gave birth to her and John Kennedy's first son only two weeks after the November election victory in 1960. She spent two weeks recovering in the hospital, during which time the media reported on the details of the birth and her son. Jackie cared deeply about White House restoration and took several foreign trips. In 1963, Jackie was pregnant again, but the baby was born prematurely and soon died. The first lady was deeply impacted by this tragic loss, entering into a state of depression. 

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