Melania Trump Responds After Mika Brzezinski’s Attack on Her Family

July 01, 2017Jul 01, 2017

Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ co-host, fired personal attacks on President Trump and his family recently. This is not the first time that she verbally attacked the president, but throughout the series of the recent attacks, Brzezinski made fun of ‘his tiny hands’ (term used against Trump during the presidential debates) and even took blows at other members of the Trump family, including his wife.

In response, President Trump tweeted personal attacks against Brzezinski. A representative from the White House and other well-known names have also responded on the matter.

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After bashing President Trump, Brzezinski fired at the First Lady. Fox News reported that the MSNBC host said Melania ‘had the worst job’ and ‘won’t put up with it for much longer.’  

“I'm just telling you, Melania's got the worst job in the country and I don't think she wants do it a lot longer. I think she will do it for as long as she has to for her son, and that's it...I know Melania. I haven't talked to her in months, but if my gut is right, I don't think she's going to put up with it much longer. That's just my instinct and I go with my gut and my gut's always right.”

The First Lady responded to Brzezinski's comments. According to Fox, Melania stated, “It is sad when people try to further their own agenda by commenting on me and my family, especially when they don't know me.”

If you missed the verbal attacking war between Trump and Brzezinski, watch the Inside Edition video below for more information: