Melania Trump: First Ever ‘First Lady’ To Receive THIS Honor!

March 17, 2017Mar 17, 2017

Melania Trump, First Lady, just received a unique honor that no other First Lady has ever received: she had a wine named after her.

Winemakers from her original home place, Sevnica, created this red wine in her honor as well as ‘First Lady’ salami and sweet treats.

Sales of this product are going extremely well! A wine shop owner in Virginia stated:

“You’ve got people who are buying the wine just to have something to talk about. Some are buying the wine just as a joke on somebody else who didn’t vote for Trump. And then you’ve got people who’ve once they’ve tried the wine, realize it’s a well-made wine. So you’ve got quite a bit of demand.”

The first batch of this unique wine, containing 300 bottles, sold out in days. Because of the rapid response, the winemakers made an additional 2,000 bottles that are being sold in a local castle gift shop.

Even though consumers suggested the wine could probably be sold for nearly $500, it only costs about $30 after converted from euros.

According to Decanter, the wine tastes ‘gentle like Melania’.

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