Melania Trump Announces White House’s Next Action for Hurricane Irma

September 12, 2017Sep 12, 2017

Following the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma caused massive destruction in the United States. Irma has left millions without power, destroyed various properties with high-speed winds and massive flooding, and taken the lives of at least 12 U.S. people, according to ABC News.

President Trump was highly involved in assisting Texas authorities with Harvey’s destruction, and has also been doing the same for Florida authorities with Irma. Following Trump’s continuous media updates and cabinet meetings regarding Irma’s track, First Lady Melania Trump announced the White House’s next action.

While expressing her concern for all those impacted by the recent hurricanes, Melania announced that her and President Donald Trump will fly into Florida on Thursday, September 14th. During their visit, the damages resulting from Hurricane Irma will be observed.

This visit was expected, considering President Trump and the First Lady also flew to Texas following the crash of Hurricane Harvey for similar reasons. Their official schedule for the Florida trip has not yet been released.

Please continue to pray for those impacted by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. In other breaking news, a significant American historian recently passed away, leaving the United States “deeply saddened.” Please pray for her family and loved ones, as well. Thank you for your prayers!

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