Melania Opens Up About Barron in Brand New Interview, Addresses Bullying

November 28, 2018Nov 28, 2018

Melania Trump opened up about her son Barron during a visit to Liberty University. Melania was at the Lynchburg, Virginia, school to talk about the opioid crisis.

Melania answered questions about what it's like to raise 12-year-old Barron in the White House. Barron is the first boy to live in the White House since the Kennedy administration.

CRTV host Eric Bolling, who lost his son to opioids last year, moderated a Q&A with Melania after her speech, reported The Daily Caller. Bolling asked Melania about Barron.

“How does he respond to you?” Bolling asked, referring to the first lady’s Be Best campaign.

“He’s that age — sometimes you feel the children they don’t listen but they listen. He is very aware and I hope he follows what I teach him,” Melania replied.

Bolling followed up with a question about Barron's social media usage. He also asked her how she explains her anti-bullying message to the pre-teen, who has himself been the victim of bullying.

She said Barron is not on social media right now. He's “only interested” in sports.

“He’s a great athlete,” said the first lady. “I teach him to be responsible and treat people with respect and kindness.”

Melania is often criticized for her anti-bullying campaign. She says she's not surprised by the criticism—she knew there would be blowback. However, she won't back down because she thinks it's important.

She said she wants to do it “so the next generation can be respectful and kind." She added, “Also sometimes you need to fight back, I’m sorry.”

Good for you, Melania! It sounds like you're raising a wonderful son.

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